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goodvibes shots combine your favourite natural ingredients chosen for their holistic properties and historical use.


renowned across the globe and long used for its many medicinal properties. a few standouts of ginger are; anti-inflammatory properties from gingerol within ginger, treating nausea, anti-bactieral benefits and potential to help regulate metabolism.

long heralded by indigenous peoples and adopted by others thereafter as a tool that can help stave off colds and limit their duration, aid the respiratory system, anti-inflammatory effects and to help treat pain.

an absolute powerhouse and relative of ginger - turmeric has long been used in indian food and natural remedies. its unique compounds are often used for their ability to assist with inflammation.

commonly used by indigenous peoples as a natural treatment for assisting with common colds and flu. this little powerhouse has a great unique taste and is loaded with nutrients and ready to help you out.

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