goodvibes juice co. is a cold-pressed juicery in kitchener waterloo ontario that creates beverages that harness the natural benefits of fruits, vegetables, teas and herbs. our goal is to provide our customers with convenient access to nutritious and delicious options that save time and energy and allow them to re-invest that time and energy exercising or enjoying with family and friends.

among our most popular products was the powerhouse shot we call SICK DAY. first introduced in 2016, SICK DAY became a fan favourite with its amazing natural ingredients including echinacea and ginger and customers kept coming back for more and more… we knew we had to introduce this product to the wider market, which led us to introduce goodvibes shots and expand our offering with GET WELL and TURMERIC DAILY.

simply put, we believe in and promote the mantra, "LET FOOD BE THY FRIEND" in reference to the famous hippocrates quote, "LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD".

our natural beverages in shot form make adding holistic ingredients with natural benefits into your day as a shot or tea easy, convenient and delicious. enjoy!