why the name goodvibes juice co.?
we are firm believers in the power of positive energy and wanted to start a company that was a force for positivity in people's lives. as our slogan states, "a balanced life" you don't need to totally deprive yourself of things like ice cream or beer, but rather ensure you are balancing less healthy aspects of your life with healthier ones. our customers enjoy a quick, convenient and delicious way of attaining many of the nutrients and vitamins required on a daily basis allowing them to re-invest that energy exercising or spending with family and friends and growing more balanced in the process… besides who wants to totally give up ice cream??

where does your logo come from?
our logo is derived from an ancient symbol known as the flower of life. it is referenced in all religions and cultures and was studied by many famous minds – including leonardo da vinci.  the symbol itself is tricky to explain in a few short sentences and we encourage you to check it for yourself as it contains a lot of fascinating information. we selected it because of themes that include energy, oneness with all, and ultimately balance.

why juice?
poor nutrition and lack of exercise is a recipe for trouble. most of us want to live more balanced, but fitting everything into a busy day can be challenging. we provide our customers with a quick, convenient, and delicious way of getting many of the nutrients you require on a daily basis allowing you to focus your energy on exercising or spending with family and friends.

can I juice and not eat?
we do not advocate giving up food and do not provide medical advice. we simply provide you the best cold-pressed juices offering a rich dose of nutrients and enzymes that make a great addition to your diet...if you want to take a breather from food try out one of our cleanses.

to us, juicing is like the practice of yoga. one of the greatest benefits of yoga is that during your stretches you touch a lot of muscle groups you may not otherwise exercise – you essentially fill the gaps that other workouts and activities might miss. juicing is similar in the sense that it is a great way to get a lot of nutrients and vitamins that your diet might exclude or not adequately cover and practicing daily will help keep you balanced.

why is cold-pressed better?
cold-pressed juice is created with a hydraulic press to squeeze juice from the produce. the cold-press method minimizes oxidation related to heat and thrashing, which ensures that vitamins and enzymes remain in their natural and pure state to maximize nutritional benefit. other juicing techniques by contrast introduce more heat, thrashing and oxidation which in turn increases the deviation from a natural state and degradation of the nutrients. cold-pressed juice has a smooth consistency and is easy for your system to digest ensuring maximum nutrient absorption. health is hip and and when it comes to juicing cold-pressed is the coolest.

oxidation, what is it?
when fruits and vegetables begin to turn brown you can see a great visual representation of oxidation occurring. the chemical reaction is a result of the loss of electrons in the produce compounds to the air. the process degrades the nutrients and increasingly compromises the nutritional benefit over time. Keeping oxidation at a minimum, keeps the nutritional benefit at a maximum.

what is an antioxidant?
an antioxidant is natural protector against cell damage and can be found in found in vitamins (such as a, c, or e) plant based chemicals (such as flavonoid and carotenoid) and minerals such as selenium. antioxidants protect against damage caused by free radicals formed through a natural process called oxidation. antioxidants combat free radicals by donating electrons and stabilizing them, which prevents electrons being taken from surroundings cells and causing damage.

to summarize… antioxidants are good guys found in fruits and vegetables...free radicals are bad guys in your body… drink goodvibes juice and fight the good fight!

what makes your juice special?
our juice is prepared on-site using a cold-press which as the name suggests introduces little heat and thrashing during the juicing process which minimizes oxidation to ensure the vitamins and enzymes remain in their natural state. we strive to maximize our use of local and organic produce and use approximately 2+ pounds of produce in each bottle of juice. we bottle our juice in glass to provide the best experience possible. we don't use preservatives or pasteurization in production – just goodvibes!

your juice isn't cheap – what gives?
you can't put a price on your health – and you can't fake fresh. one bottle of our juice contains approximately 2+ pounds of fresh produce and is sourced from local and organic providers. we don't use artificial preservatives and we bottle our juice in glass to provide the best experience and ensure the highest quality.

that bottle tho…why glass?

the beauty about glass is there’s no chance of contamination you get from plastics. glass provides a better drinking experience and our bottle is a unique 400ml size which fits perfectly in your hand and provides the ideal amount of juice. glass also allows us to recycle our bottles in our loyalty return program which in turn saves you money and reduces our collective eco-footprint.

we encourage you to refill your bottle with water for yoga, use it to house your seashell collection or make your very own bottle terrarium. we would love to see what you do with your bottle – tag us on instagram at @goodvibesjuicecompany for a chance to win free juice.

where do you get your produce from?
we strive to maximize our use of local and organic produce. to us, local is the most holistic choice for a number of reasons; the produce ripens on the vine instead of in a shipping container, environmentally – large amounts of energy aren't wasted transporting goods across the globe and finally we are supporting our local farms and communities. sometimes choosing one can come at the expense of the other, but we are committed to purchasing local and organic produce that provides the best value for our customers and is environmentally friendly.

juicing doesn't make any sense—why wouldn't I just eat the produce?
some people question the validity of juicing vs just eating the produce, to us the rationale for doing so is simple. frankly, people like beverages, people like variety, and people like convenience – all of which juicing provides in a delicious and nutritious manner. it takes 2+ pounds of produce to make a bottle of our juice, so eating the nutrient equivalent would be very challenging, even for those of you with the largest appetites.

can I sample your juice?
absolutely. everybody has unique tastes and we are confident that you will hit it off at first sip with at least one of our juices.

bottle returns?
we are committed to being environmentally conscious. one reason why we bottle our juice in reusable glass bottles is to reduce our eco-footprint. by signing up for our loyalty program you will earn loyalty points towards future purchases with every bottle returned. good for your wallet and our planet!

we do not offer refunds for our juices. if you are unsatisfied please contact us and we would be happy to help.